To create a cloud of healing music, of various different genres, which grows with time and provides a portal through which anyone, anywhere can access these musical currents and and maximize a healing and positive atmosphere. Proceeds to be raised from the sale of a compilation, selected from the various different submissions.

what styles of music?
This is open to all styles of music, from instrumental, folk, rock, gospel, country, ambient, world and anything in-between. Different genre portals will grow in time, helping to classify and provide direction to those navigating the portal

how are proceeds going to be raised?
A selection committee will choose 20 songs to be incorporated into a compilation which will be distributed on CD, download cards and sit on such sites as iTunes. Visitors will be able to comment and provide feedback on the experience. This too will affect the overall selection and tailoring of the portal.

what do I do if I'm interested in submitting?
Musicians interested in submitting are encouraged to upload their tunes to SoundCloud and then send a link to MHH.

how is something going to be determined as reflective of 'hope' or 'healing'?
While this is open to interpretation for everyone, in general, music that focuses on uplifting, peaceful and relaxing currents, themes and presentation will be determined most fitting. This could be music that you could see used for meditation, sleeping, and de-stressing, though some music could have a rhythmic groove as well. Really, we encourage submissions and believe we can find a home for most music as well as some forethought and best judgement occurs at the provider's end.

who will find this music useful?
Anyone looking for music to help them reflect, relax, heal, meditate or just unwind at the end of the day. Places such as yoga or therapy centers, operation rooms, or places wanting soothing, relaxing or uplifting sounds. Also, those who might be in need of an uplifting tune in a time of sadness or a respite where hope can be rekindled.

is this faith-based?
No, MHH is not directly promoting any specific faith, culture or initiative. It is an all-inclusive project, as long as what is submitted is respectful of the 'hope and healing' concept. If music is religious in focus it may be placed into a genre marked as such.

why does this project exist?
This project exists in order to create a greater access to positive and healing resources and to encourage the participation of artists in this project. There are so many ways that people can come together to create a positive change. This is just one of them!

how does a musician benefit from all of this?
Musicians can have peace of mind that they are contributing to something that is giving to the world and the community services in need. Furthermore, artists will have links to their own websites, iTune, etc. so that people may find the MHH portal a way to discover new music, bands and performers.

what if i submit and then change my mind?
If a contributor wishes to change their mind, their music will be pulled from the portal, with the exception of those who are selected to have their song placed on the compilation CD. This process will be discussed in greater detail when that time comes.

what if i submit something and it isn't used? Is that fair?

Please understand that we try and be as fair and as inclusive as possible. certain important criteria such as sound quality, etc., may effect selection and if the music is contrary to the goals of hope and healing. But it is best to make that attempt. Just because the music may not be utilized in the this portal does not mean the music is not good.

what is the cultural element going on here?
We very much encourage the contribution of cultural pieces. This means we really want anyone from any background to be able to visit and find a piece of home. Really, this has potential to reach out to everyone, recognizing and reaffirming the inclusion and importance of all people, all cultures.